Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

The ebook Formats

All Broquard ebooks come in Adobe pdf format and are DRM-free so they can be read on any device that can display pdf files! There is no form of theft protection inserted into these files – no password codes to remember to gain access to the books. If you do not have the appropriate reader software, please take the link on the ebook pages to the appropriate software provider and download it. The Adobe reader is free.


What You Get When You Purchase a Broquard ebook

When you purchase an ebook here, you get both an on-page link to download the books and the same information in an email receipt. You have five chances to do the download, in case something goes wrong. Note: the policy is now different than what it was on the old site, where you had a login-password and could download the books as often as desired. This isn’t possible on the new site. If you experience any problems obtaining your ebook(s), email me ( or contact me via other ways and describe your problem. I’ll try to solve it for you. If you ever have any questions or problems concerning your account, please contact me by any of the contact methods.


Privacy Concerns and the Security of Online Transactions

Any information collected as part of the purchasing operation is held in the strictest confidentiality. No personal information is ever shared with any other person, corporation or site. Period! The only information we store is your name and email address,  and the books you have purchased, and this information is never shared.

All personal information is always transmitted over a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to provide the highest level of security for you. Whenever sensitive information is to be transmitted,  the site switches automatically into secure mode. We use a secure 128-bit encryption system, the best that is available. This site is secure and confidential.


Purchasing Books

Books can be purchased by using the secure PayPal system which offers you a wide variety of payment options. When payment is received by us, you are emailed your receipt and you are given a download page where you can download your purchased product(s). However, certain forms of payment to PayPal may take several days to finalize. Your email receipt from us is only sent once the payment process is complete. Please be patient if you have elected to use a payment method that requires a couple of business days to complete. If you have problems with the download(s) or need to obtain additional downloads, you must email me ( or contact me via other ways asking for it. If you ever have any questions or problems concerning your account, please contact me by any of the contact methods.

Books can also be purchased by mailing your payment directly to me, along with what you are purchasing. Be sure to include the books you want and your email address along with your payment. I will email you a receipt and access to your new download page where you can obtain your books.


The Purchase Procedure

To start the purchase process, choose the menu option Products Page – Make and Order or click the Shopping Cart’s Visit the Shop link. Add the books you desire to the cart. When ready, click on the Shipping Cart’s Check Out link. You will be shown your order and asked to provide your email address and name. No other information about you is collected by us. Click on the PayPal button and you will be directed to your PayPal account to pay for the books. Once the transaction is complete, PayPal will return you to your new download page where you can download your ebooks.


Refund Policy

With electronic media, in general the rule of thumb is “All sales are final.” However, there can be extenuating circumstances.

All sales of paperbacks are final. However, with ebooks, if you contact us within ten calendar days asking for a refund and if we can verify that you have NOT downloaded the ebook, then we will refund your payment via PayPal or by postal mail.

On the other hand, if you have downloaded the ebook, then if we cannot find a workable solution to any problem you might have with that ebook, such as not being able to “read” the book because of software problems, a refund may be given at the discretion of Broquard eBooks.


Give a Friend a Gift of an ebook!

Make someone’s day by giving them a gift of an ebook!


Free Instructor/Teacher (or Possible Adoption) Copy Procedure

If a text is adopted by a school, the school is entitled to as many instructor copies as are needed. Or perhaps you want to review the book for possible adoption in your course.

If you wish to have a free copy to review for possible adoption, send an email with your details and request.


Free Reviewer Copy Procedure

Broquard eBooks is happy to make free copies available to qualified reviewers. You will be asked to provide appropriate information on your potential review, such as the magazine, site and so on for which you are doing the review. In return for the free copy, Broquard eBooks expects to receive a copy of your review, whether favorable or not. Send an email with your request details.

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