Planet of the Orange-red Sun Volumes 1-14

Planet of the Orange-red Sun Volumes 1-14

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Planet Of The Orange-Red Sun Volumes 1 – 14;   $7.00;  6,513 pages;   2010;   Vic Broquard;   Broquard eBooks;


Fourteen action-packed, thrilling science fiction novels in one ebook! Follow the evolution of an isolated race of telepaths on the rim of our galaxy through hundreds of years of evolution. Galactic societies evolve over time and this exciting series explores some of those changes, some of which are close to occurring in our own world and times. To appreciate the amazing breadth of this series, read the complete Table of Contents.

The ebook is in pdf format and is DRM-free so it can be read on any device that can display pdf files!
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Volume 1: When Kingdoms Fall

Located on the outer rim of the galaxy, Tierra or Ashford-5 is a world without many heavy metals, but it has an abundance of psi-crystals, which the Imperium uses for the fuel in all of its vast fleet of space ships. They land and setup a fuel mining colony, ignoring the local inhabitants. However, one of these aliens from Rigel-3 has other plans for the native humans, mind altering experiments. These go astray and lead to a devastating explosion of their fuel refinery, releasing a massive cloud of psi-dust over Tierra.

The explosion permanently alters the planet’s rotational axis and the climate changes drastically, nearly wiping out the humans on Tierra. In time, this dust also caused changes in some, giving them vast telepathic abilities.

Follow the many twists and turns as the aliens and humans both try to survive and evolve. Telepaths are not accepted at first in the non-telepathic world, but soon prove their worth. Over the course of centuries, the telepaths evolve and their fortunes come and go in the society of Tierra, which now has been declared a closed world to the vast Imperium.

Some on Tierra want that status to change and work hard to bring it about as well. Others do not and the inevitable conflicts arise.

This novel series is a study in evolution and societal changes over many centuries as well as galactic societal alterations. Can a society of telepaths rule the galaxy?

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The book is in Adobe pdf format. If you do not have the Adobe Reader, Get Adobe Reader by clicking this link. Artwork by Crooked Willow Studios.


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